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Month: February 2022

Mission Moment: The Living Faith Apostolic Network

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A Mission Moment with Dr. Dale Yerton

Hello, I’m Dale Yerton and this is a Missions Moment. I would like to share with you today some exciting things that God is doing through The Living Faith Apostolic Network. Our network is a group of churches located across the Latin world. It began over 50 years ago when my wife and I first went to Chiapas Mexico and began evangelism. Evangelism quickly turned into church planting, church planting turned into leadership training and god has helped us. Now there are six different groups of churches that have joined La Faviente Apostolic Red which is The Living Faith’s ministers network.

What a tremendous tool this has become. With over 200 churches in one group alone, and approximately 400 churches in the six different ministry groups. We have churches in Honduras that have joined the Living Faith Apostolic Network along with churches here in the United States. Who would have ever dreamed that God would have done such a magnificent thing in helping to grow and expand the Kingdom of God?

 If you’re interested in more information simply go to our About Us page where we have a lot of information about what is going on in the ministry. You can also become The Living Faith Apostolic Network Partner by subscribing each month. Again thank you for supporting The Living Faith Apostolic Network as we work together to continue to serve God in advancing the Kingdom of God.

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