Generational Strategies

Lesson 3 - Four Faces

ezekiel 1:4-6Each time a prophet has seen a vision of heaven they report seeing unusual living beings around the throne of God.  Ezekiel saw amazing creatures that had four faces; the face of a man, the face of an ox, the face of a lion, and the face of an eagle.  There are different interpretations of what the faces represent but one view is they are pictures of four dimensions of life.

The Face of a Man

This is the face of the worshipper.  We should seek God and develop our ability to worship while we are young.  (Ecclesiastes 12:1)  We were created with a need to worship and we will worship something.  If we fail to give our worship to God then we’ll worship inferior things that are unworthy of worship.

Many people fail to realize we become like the God we worship.  We are all changing.  Worship changes us for better or for the worse.  A good example of this is the Israelites and the golden calf.  What happened when they began worshipping the golden calf?  They began acting like animals.  We were created in the image of the living God, and we must not allow that image to become distorted into something less than what God created.  Our goal in worship should be to become more and more like the God who made us.

The Face of an Ox

This is the face of the builder.  It’s well said, “Give the young man a job, not a title or a position.”  “The glory of young men is their strength.” (Proverbs 20:29)  It’s important that we learn the value of work while we’re young.  We need to develop vocational skills that will enable us to accomplish great things.   We should get an early start while we have great energy.  Solomon began building The Temple while he was just a young man in his twenties, and by following the plans given to him by his father he was able to build a temple that outlasted his life by 450 years.  We must learn to use our gifts in a positive way.  We have a God-given responsibility to build a lasting legacy to bless the generations following us.  We should leave this place better than we discovered it.

The Face of a Lion

This is the face of the conqueror.  God is the God of victory.  (Exodus 17:15)  We were created after the winning nature of God and His plan has been for us to overcome our obstacles and learn to live victoriously.  Satan’s strategy is to make us his slaves through the power of sin.  (John 8:34)  Sin conquers us and makes us its slave, but Jesus came to give us victory over sin.  Jesus not only paid the penalty for our sin; He also destroyed the power of sin over our lives.

God in His wisdom allows us to fight the enemy to learn the lessons of living victoriously.  Little by little our confidence continues to grow until we can believe for great things.  We learn that nothing is impossible to the one who believes.  (Matthew 17:30)  We begin thinking as God thinks.  It’s God’s plan for us to become winners.

The Face of an Eagle

This is the face of the visionary.  The prophet promised that “young men would see visions.” (Acts 2:17)  The eagle is known for its great vision.  From its vantage point high in the skies, it can see a fish a mile away in the ocean.  God wants us to develop a great vision.

Developing a good vision

Look at the big picture but don’t overlook the details.  Have an attitude of faith and have eyes of faith.  Learn to look for ways to make this world a better place and then act on your vision.   Finally, never stop looking.  “Old men shall dream dreams.”  The old man doesn’t have the energy of youth but he still can dream.  He shares his dream of a better world with a younger generation who can make the dream become reality.

  • David dreamed of The Temple which his son built after he died.  
  • Abraham died looking for a city whose builder and maker was God. 
  • Paul dreamed of a church that consisted of both Jews and Gentiles. 
  • John saw the New Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven.

What is Your Dream?

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About the Author: Dr. Dale Yerton

Dr. Yerton serves as an overseer of a network of churches across the world. What began as a network of six church groups representing 500 churches in Mexico has grown into an international ministry. 

He and Evelyn, his wife over fifty years, live in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. They have two daughters: Lora–married to the Rev. Vince Farrell, pastors of Journey Church in Hopkinsville, Kentucky–and Kari—also of Hopkinsville–and are the proud grandparents of Emma and Bennett Farrell.

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