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Abraham: Living by Faith – Lesson 10 The Divine Guest

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  • 2021
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Hebrews 13:2 says that “some (people) have entertained Angels unawares.” This is one· of those stories. One day three men appeared at Abraham’s tent door. He did not know it yet, but this was a divine visitation, for two of these were angels and one of them was the Lord Himself. Genesis 19: 1 We learn from this story what a close friendship had developed between God and Abraham. Genesis 18:1-8 


In true eastern hospitality Abraham rose to serve them the moment he saw these men. He was an excellent host, and remember, he was one hundred years old. 

  • “He ran.” He was in a hurry and served them with great zeal. 
  • “He bowed himself.” He served with true humility. 
  • “He took a tender and choice calf.” He gave only his best. 
  • “He stood as they ate.” He was looking for another opportunity to serve and soon had everyone else serving as well.

This man had a servant’s heart. It was no wonder God wanted to stop by and visit him. 

You cannot bless God without God blessing you, as He is no man’s debtor! 

Blessings come in so many disguises. God again told Abraham his wife Sarah was going to bear him a son but now He set the time that the baby would be born. It seemed too good to be true and Sarah laughed to herself. God heard her thoughts and asked why she was laughing, “ls anything too hard for the Lord?” Abraham did not recognize these visitors when they first arrived but now, he knew, this was the Lord. God told Abraham, “At the time appointed I will return unto you.” Genesis 18: 14 That meant He was planning to be there for the baby’s birth. 


The divine visitors stood up to leave and turned to look toward Sodom. The reason they had come was because the cry of Sodom had become so bad it reached all the way to heaven. Every sin has a cry. But before they went to investigate the cry of Sodom, they had stopped by to see Abraham, their friend. Now that Abraham knew who his distinguished guests where he was not about to let them leave alone. He started walking with them on their journey to see them on their way, and God began to reveal the main purpose of their visit to His friend Abraham. James 2:23 


“Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do?” Genesis 18:17 You can answer this question by asking, “Is Abraham hiding anything from God?” God will not hide things from His friends who are not hiding anything from Him. 


“I know him.” This man had become God’s friend and God knew he would do what was right by leading his family and household to obey Him. He was God’s man and God would use Abraham to bless the whole world with the MESSIAH. 


“Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great.” Genesis 18:20 The carnal ear could have never heard the cry from Sodom because the city was miles away. But the sin of Sodom had produced a spiritual cry that could be heard in heaven. God was answering the cry that comes from sin and had come to bring judgment. 


Abraham began to pray, and we can learn much by listening to him. 

  • “Abraham drew near.” He knew how to get close to God. 
  • “Will you destroy the righteous?” He prayed concerning God’s reputation. 
  • “I am but dust.” He was humble but he thought he was angering God with his prayer.

At first it seemed that God was delaying in answering Abraham’s prayer, but in reality, God already knew how wicked these cities had become and was looking for some way to save them. God knew there were not fifty righteous in Sodom, but Abraham did not know it. God knew there were not five righteous, but if he could find someone with enough faith to intercede, with enough faith to believe that “there is nothing too hard for the Lord,” then He would not have to destroy them. God was prompting Abraham and drawing him in on his prayer without him knowing it. 


This story raises some important questions. Why did God stop by and visit Abraham? God certainly had much more on his mind than a roast beef dinner and announcing a baby shower! Why did God tell Abraham what He was going to do? God isn’t a gossip who goes around telling us other people’s business. God was needing some help from His friend. He was looking for an intercessor to pray for Sodom and He knew where one lived, so He stopped by, prompting Abraham to pray for Sodom. Finally, when Abraham had come to the limits of his faith and prayed for all he could believe, God was forced to go beyond Abraham’s own prayer to save Lot and his family. God never stopped answering Abraham’s prayer, Abraham stopped praying. God could not save the city, but He did save everyone that showed any signs of righteousness. Ezekiel 22:30 Daniel 9: 1-3 


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