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Abraham: Living by Faith – Lesson 12 Looking for a Bride

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  • 2021
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We are coming to the end of Abraham’s life of faith. Sarah had died and he knew that his life’s journey would soon be finished, but there was one last important thing which he must do. He must find the proper bride for his son. Isaac was the son of God’s covenant promise, and he must find the right virgin to become his son’s bride. These things speak truth to us about our relationship with God. 

  • Abraham is a type of God, our Father. Genesis 24: 1-4
  • Sarah is a type of the old covenant that is now finished.
  • Isaac is a type of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The servant of Abraham is a type of the Holy Spirit. 

The bride is a type of the Church. Ephesians 5:32 


This special bride came from Abraham’s own people. She must be a part  of his family just like we must be born of God to become a part of the Church.  She had to be willing to follow the servant on a journey of faith to a land she had never seen. We too by faith must learn to follow the Holy Spirit.  The bride was the Father’s love gift to His Son. We usually only think of Christ being a gift from God to us forgetting that we also are God’s gift to His Son.  The Father said, “Find a Bride for my son.” 


The servant was unnamed in this chapter as he is a type of the Holy Spirit, and he did not come to speak of himself but only to give honor to his Master. He never mentioned himself but continued to give praise to Abraham and Isaac. John 15:26 How was he to convince the bride to follow him back to the promised land? 

He gave her gifts of gold. These are a type of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that are given to the church today. Genesis 24:22; I Corinthians 12:7-11. He led her and her family in worship and praise. The Holy Spirit desires  to lead us in prayer and praise today. Genesis 24:26, 27, 52; I Corinthians 14:15. He brought a personal word from his master. The Holy Spirit makes the Word of God come alive to us. Genesis 24:33; John 16:13; I Corinthians 2:10. He told her that he would personally lead her to Isaac. The Holy Spirit will never forsake us until He has brought us to Christ. John 14:16,17. The servant said, “Do not hinder me.”


It was clear God had chosen Rebekah, but Rebekah must also choose Isaac if she was to become his bride. The servant was ready to begin his return journey now that he had found the bride for his master, but Rebekah’s family began to try to delay the trip. “Stay with us a few days, at least ten, after that she may go,” they said. Genesis 24:55 It is always too soon for the world to obey God. There are always reasons for them to delay. The world will begin to make excuses such as: 

  • “This rich servant is a stranger. How do you know his words are true?” 
  • “We never heard of Isaac before. Are you sure you should go?” 
  • “Don’t you know this is a long and dangerous journey?” 

It was Rebekah’s decision, and she did not hesitate. “I will go,” she said. Genesis 24:58 She then received the blessing of her family, and the blessing they gave to her as the bride of Isaac in Genesis 24:60 sounds just like the blessing given to the son in Genesis 22: 17. The promise was for millions of victorious descendants. 

The bride said, “I will go.” 


A long time had passed since Abraham sent his servant in search for Isaac’s bride. “Isaac went out to meditate in the field in the evening” thinking about his life. Genesis 24:63 He thought about the faithfulness and love of his father. His father Abraham “has given to him all that he has.” Genesis 24:36; Hebrews 1 :2 He was thinking of his mother’s death and about his father’s servant and his new bride.

  • Will she come quickly, or will it be a long time before she arrives? 
  • Will she believe in him though she has never met him? 
  • Will she be beautiful, humble and pure? 

Just before darkness arrived, he saw the servant coming with his caravan of camels. He recognized them and started to meet them. Rebekah asked, “Who is this man walking in the field coming to meet us?” And the servant said, “He is my master.” So, she covered herself with a veil and went to meet him. Genesis 24:65 

Isaac took Rebekah and she became his wife and he loved her. This is the second time the word “love” is found in the Bible. The first time is Genesis 22:2 where God spoke about Abraham loving his “only begotten son” and now it says Isaac “loved her” just like Christ loves the church. Genesis 24:67; Revelation 19:7-9 

The bridegroom said, “I love her.”

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