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Abraham: Living by Faith – Lesson 5 The King of Righteousness

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  • 2021
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There are times in life when we must stand up and fight. Abram was not a soldier, but he was prepared to face whatever challenges life brought his way. For us to experience spiritual greatness our faith must be tested. Genesis 14:12-24 


After Lot had left Abram for the riches of Sodom, we find Abram dwelling in Mamre of Hebron. The name Mamre means ”fatness” and the name Hebron means “the place of fellowship.” This is a good description of God’s blessings on Abram’s life at this particular time. But Lot was in serious trouble because Sodom had just been attacked by four kings and the whole city had been captured and carried away as slaves. God was giving Lot a strong message that he was living in the wrong place. 


When Abram heard this disturbing news, his response was immediate. 

  1. He armed his men. He was prepared for every situation.
  2. He had 318 trained servants. He knew exactly how many men he had who were properly trained and ready for battle. 
  3. 3. These men were born in his house. They were loyal men whom Abram knew he could trust in battle. Be sure of people’s loyalty before you arm them. 

Abram started immediately on a 120-mile journey to overtake the four kings who had conquered Sodom. His battle strategy was simple but very successful. 

  1. He divided his men into different groups. Now he could attack from several directions at one time. This gave his men the appearance of a large army. 
  2. He used the element of surprise. He attacked under the cover of darkness before the enemy knew he was there. 
  3. He boldly attacked and pursued the enemy. He made a preemptive strike and then pressed his advantage to completely rout them. Proverbs 28: 1 

The result was a total victory with everything stolen being completely restored. 


The most vulnerable time in the Christian life is immediately following a great victory. Abram was being approached by the king of Sodom who offered him a big temptation to compromise. Genesis 14:17 But a new king stepped between Abram and the king of Sodom and provided him with all he needed to be able to resist the temptation. I Corinthians 10: 13 This new king was Melchizedek. His name means “King of Righteousness.” Melchizedek was never defeated in the battle fought at Sodom. He is a picture of our victorious King Jesus. Hebrews 7:1, 2 

  1. He came offering Abram bread and wine. This is the first example of a covenant meal in the Bible. The world offers you its riches, but Jesus offers you His very life in a covenant of love. Luke 22: 19, 20 
  2. He came with blessings. As the priest of the Highest God, who is the possessor of heaven and earth he was reminding Abram, God owns it all! 
  3. He came to remind Abram that his victory was a gift from God. Abram’s victory was because of faith instead of his great military might and genius. 

Abram responded by accepting the covenant meal of the bread and wine and then offered the tithe (a tenth) of everything he owned to King Melchizedek. 


Melchizedek had no sooner met with Abram than he was confronted with the King of Sodom. Notice the startling contrast between the two kings. 

Melchizedek – King of Salem 

  1. He came in victory.
  2. He came with blessings.
  3. He came giving.
  4. He came with integrity.

Bera – King of Sodom 

  1. He came in defeat.
  2. He came in poverty.
  3. He came asking.
  4. He came with deception.

Without any thanks to Abram for all he has done for him and his people the king of Sodom began asking for the souls of the people. “Give me the souls and keep the goods for yourself.” Genesis 14:21 This is exactly what Satan is asking of us today. Beware of Sodom’s riches or they will ruin your life. But Melchizedek had prepared Abram for his hour of temptation. “I have raised my hand to The Lord, God Most High, the Possessor of heaven and earth, that I will take nothing, from a thread to a sandal strap.” Genesis 14:22, 23 Why would Abram take such a strong stand? He remembered that God owned it all. Psalm 24:1 He clearly understood that he could not bargain with the king of Sodom. If the world has anything you desire, then you will be tempted to try to bargain for it but ultimately it will become a snare to your soul. We must never place our relationship with God in such a position that the world can claim we live just like they do. We must live by the blessings of the Lord and not by the bribery of the world lest they claim to have made us rich. I John 2: 15-17 III John verses 6, 7 

Make A Covenant with God and Never Try to Bargain with the Devil!

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