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Character is King: Lesson 4 – JOSEPH – A Spirit-Filled Man


JOSEPH – A Spirit-Filled Man

(Genesis 41:38)  Joseph’s life was defined by dreams.  It’s remarkable that almost every dream in his life is a clear picture of the harvest.  God was talking to Joseph about a good future.

  • Joseph’s first dream was about the sheaf of wheat. Genesis 37:6-7
  • The butler’s dream about the grapevine. Genesis 40:9-11
  • The baker’s dream about the bread baskets. Genesis 40:16-17
  • Pharaoh’s dreams about the cows and grain. Genesis 41:2-7


  • He was hated by his brothers. Genesis 37:4
  • He was sold as a slave by his brothers. Genesis 37:28
  • He was falsely accused as a slave. Genesis 39:11-14
  • He was forgotten in prison by people he encouraged. Genesis 40:14, 23

Joseph refused to allow his troubles to destroy his dream.  He was able to over-come his problems to save his family and the civilized world.  He came out of prison to reign.


A key verse repeated more than once in this story is, “the Lord was with Joseph.”  Genesis 40:2, 21  God prospered him as a slave and gave him authority as a prisoner.  He came out of prison to reign as the Prime Minister.  How did he overcome his problems?


Joseph’s dream was from God.  He didn’t ask God for the dream.  God gave it to him.  Genesis 37:5-7  He didn’t understand the dream.  Genesis 37:10  This is one reason he talked about it, but talking about the dream caused him a lot of grief.  Genesis 37:11  His brother’s hated him because of the dream.  It was many years later after God gave him the interpretation for Pharaoh’s dream that he finally understood the true meaning of his dream.



Joseph understood how to serve others.  Genesis 39:2-4  In every position, as a son, as a slave, or as a prisoner, he was promoted to greater positions of authority because he submitted to the authority above him.  Genesis 39:5, 23  It was his attitude toward authority which eventually elevated him to the position of Prime Minister.  Genesis 41:33-40  Submission to authority gives us more authority.  A misunderstanding of authority is one of the greatest reasons for failure in ministry today.  II Peter 2:10


It’s impossible to live in this world without receiving offenses.  Matthew 18:7  The pain is worse when these offenses come from people we love.  Joseph’s brothers betrayed him. Genesis 37:28  Offenses often arise because of misunderstanding, but just because someone doesn’t understand, doesn’t keep us from being hurt.  And just like physical injuries open our bodies to disease, in the same way emotional hurts expose our souls to demonic attack.  The way to be healed from an offense is forgiving those who’ve hurt us.  Matthew 6:14-15  The only way to be right with God is releasing those who’ve done us wrong. Matthew 18:35  The prisons we build for others enslave us.  We spend our time as jail keepers.


Joseph never became a big man in his own eyes.  He kept his priorities right.  He lived to serve God and people.  Genesis 50:19-20

We understand humility isn’t thinking proudly of ourselves, but it’s also not thinking lowly of ourselves.  Thinking lowly of yourself is inferiority, not humility.  Humility prefers others before yourself.  Philippians 2:3-5  Humility is the mind of Christ.  Joseph told his brothers, “Do not be afraid.”  Genesis 50:21  The reason we want people to be afraid of us is so we can control their behavior.  God isn’t a slave master who tries to control us.  It’s the devil who tries to enslave us.  God is a God of love, and true love is liberating.  I John 4:18  Fear has torment, but there is no torment in love.

It’s a sign of greatness to feed the people who have done you wrong!

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