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How To Live A Happy Life Lesson 12 – Surprised by Joy


Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:14 Joy!!! Who would have ever believed it? Is this still Solomon, the humanist, the man living his life “under the sun”? No, No, No! This is Solomon, the man who has discovered everything in his life is pointing upward to God “above the sun.” When you put God in His rightful place in your life, you will be surprised by JOY. 


Start rejoicing in your youth. And, remember, you will never be any younger than you are right now. You have the ability to be happy if you want to because happiness is a choice of the heart. Even babies can smile and laugh. Happiness is one of the keys to a successful life. Joy is described as being both good and pleasant. This is another one of the answers to the question that Solomon has been asking, “What makes life worth living?” This is the seventh time he has come to the conclusion that joy is a gift from God. Ecclesiastes 11:9 


Sin is a joy killer! Sin produces what Solomon calls “vexation.” There is nothing in life that can fill you with sorrow as quickly as sin. Sin not only will destroy your happiness in this life but will bring you eternal death as well. We do reap much of what we sow. It is impossible for you to be happy if you are bringing sorrow into other people’s lives. Youthful sins lay a foundation for aged sorrows. There is pleasure in sin, but it is always short-lived because you never know when you will die and stand before God in judgment. Learn to enjoy life! Joy is a gift from God and He loves to see you delighting in the good things of life. But don’t be stupid and forget to balance your happiness with holiness. Ecclesiastes 11: 10 


Solomon is no longer a young man but he has gained some excellent advice for youth. He has learned we should start early if we are going to get the greatest profit from our lives. Seek God early in your life and you will not waste some of your best years on worthless trivia, because the older you get, the harder it will become for you to make a profit with your life. Ecclesiastes 12: 1 

Solomon paints us a vivid word picture of what it is like for us to grow old. 


  • “Keepers of the house tremble” – Your trembling arms and hands 
  • “Strong men bow down” – Your stooping shoulders and weak legs Your teeth are gone
  • “Grinders cease” – Your failing eyesight 
  • “Windows grow dim” – Your hearing is lost 
  • “Doors are shut” – Your soft food diet 
  • “Sound of grinding is low” – Your sleepless nights 
  • “Rises up at the sound of a bird” – Your loss of the ability to sing 
  • “Daughters of music are brought low” “Afraid of height” – Your fear of falling 
  • “Terrors in the way” – Your fear of safety 
  • “Almond tree blossoms” – Your white hair 
  • “Grasshopper is a burden” – Your crippled walk 
  • “Desire fails” – Your loss of appetite 

What a vivid picture! Solomon is describing the aging process in a way we can’t forget.

  • “The silver cord is loosed.” 
  • “The golden bow 1 is broken.” 
  • “The pitcher shattered at the fountain.” 
  • “The wheel is broken at the well.” 

This is a picture of death. Don’t wait until you are dying to get ready to meet God. 

Remember God today, before your spirit returns to the God who gave it. If you leave God out of your life, everything becomes vanity and worthless. Only God can help you make an eternal profit. Ecclesiastes 12:7 


Solomon has done an excellent job of researching his subject and has taught us well. His wise words have pierced our calloused pride and made us think. His thoughtful conclusions are well fixed in our minds, so we will not forget his wisdom. He is like a good mystery writer that gives you little clues to help solve the riddle but hides the conclusion until the end of his story. Ecclesiastes 12: 11 

Solomon realizes, once you leave God out of your life, you will never prosper. Life becomes just one circle of confusion. You are always learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. II Timothy 3:7.

The final conclusion of his life-long search is this: The meaning of life will only be found when we reverence God and obey His commandments. This is the only way that we can make a profit with our lives and gain something worthwhile. Ecclesiastes 12: 13, 14 

Have You Placed God Upon The Throne Of Your Heart?

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