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Dr. Dale Yerton has spent his life developing materials to teach and train the next generation of Christians and Christian leaders.

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Welcome to the website of The Living Faith Global Network, Christian Courses Online.

Our goal is to share important information that will help you advance your spiritual journey.

The Living Faith was incorporated in 1975 to aid anyone desiring to increase their knowledge of God’s word and provide resources to enhance their spiritual growth.

This bilingual website is a library of information, containing video links along with PowerPoints and printed notes to help you grow as a Christian and to enable you to share with others the things which you learn. Jesus taught, “Freely you have received, freely give.”

I have spent my entire life studying the word of God and how it relates to us. After traveling at least 160 times around the globe, preaching and teaching in over 40 nations, this is the result of my journey. May God bless you on your spiritual journey.

Dr. Dale Yerton

— About Us

The Living Faith Global Network

Dr. R. Dale and Evelyn Yerton first traveled to Chiapas, Mexico in December 1969, one year after they were married. They began holding tent evangelistic events across the state and founding churches with the new converts. In the first five years alone, they built 41 new churches. It was at this time, that Dale began to realize the need to train these new pastors, who were still new converts themselves.

He began to transition his ministry in Latin America toward teaching and training ministers and took this new concept of ministry internationally, as well.

After eight years pastoring a church in Ohio, Dr. Dale returned in 1987 to full-time international ministry and has continued training those in Christian ministry.

The ministry in Mexico has continued to grow over the years. In 2009, The Living Faith Apostolic Network brought together 5 church groups across Mexico in a cooperative network. Today, this network—now called The Living Faith Global Network—has 12 church groups, including groups in Honduras and the United States, connecting more than 500 churches.