Curso: Coraje para ser Sanado

— AprendA Coraje para ser Sanado ★★★★★ 4.85/5 Este estudio examina las razones detrás de cinco heridas emocionales importantes y la manera de volver a estar completo. Comenzar Lesson 1: Coraje para ser Sanado Lesson 2: Herida de Vergüenza Lesson 3: Herida de falta de Perdón Lesson 4: La herida de Rechazo Lesson 5: La […]

Course: A Renewed Mind

— Learn A Renewed Mind ★★★★★ 4.85/5 The tragic story of Jephthah is a vivid reminder of why our minds need to be renewed by the word of God. (Judges 11-12) Start Lesson 1 – The Pain of Rejection Lesson 2 – An Energized Spirit Lesson 3 – The Problem of Doubt Lesson 4 – […]

Course: Courage to be Whole

— Learn Courage to be Whole ★★★★★ 4.85/5 This study examines the reasons behind five major emotional wounds and the way to become whole again. Start Lesson 1: Courage to Be Healed Lesson 2: The Wound of Shame Lesson 3: The Wound of Unforgiveness Lesson 4: The Wound of Rejection Lesson 5: The Wound of […]